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by Kennon

Here’s a quick overview of important community resources for A Game of Thrones: the Card Game, Second Edition.

ToolsThronesDB This is currently the premiere deck building site for the game. You can browse every card available, sort, build, and save all with an easy desktop and mobile interface.

ToolsCardgameDB A little dated in some ways, this is a semi official site owned by FFG/ANA. It features deckbuilders for all of their card games as well as forums and space for various forms of front page content.

ToolsThe Iron Throne Looking for a way to play online? The Iron Throne is a handy web based solution.

The Jousting PavilionTools The place for running and reporting A Game of Thrones tournaments of all sizes. Joust format only.

Annals Of Castle BlackTools If you’re looking for information on what was played and what did well at nearly any AGOT event, this is the site for you. There’s a staggering amount of information available.

Isle of RavensTools This site pulls information from The Jousting Pavilion to populate an ELO style ranking system of players.

The Stone DrumTools This analyzes the AGOT metagame by way of ranking the popularity of factions, agendas, and individual cards.

ToolsDiscord Chat Discord is a chat system with desktop, mobile, and web clients. It functions similarly to Slack or IRC.

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