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Quarrel at Qyburn’s II

January 5, 2019 @ 5:00 PM - January 6, 2019 @ 3:00 AM UTC

WHAT’S THE SCOOP?!I’m most excellently excited to announce to the masses Indy’s own, “Quarrel at Qyburn’s II”. The deliciously horrific sequel to the original! Everyone knows the second installment is always the darkest, and this gloomy, torturous, event should really “dig up” the fun. Bring in 2019 (and CT’s birthday) with a bang!!! (or a snap, or a crunch, or a scream, what have you).WHERE’S IT AT?!This year our host will be the Metazoa Brewing Company in downtown Indianapolis. In partnership with Indy’s own Joey Smith, we are bringing you a Thrones Party that will raise the dead. Metazoa is a sweet location for your drinking and they have a great space and plenty of tables. They brew all their own beers in house and have a fantastic selection at super reasonable prices.About Metazoa:*A great hangout with a great cause. I love Metazoa not only because they have great beer, but they love animals. 5% of all profits made by Metazoa are donated to shelters and sanctuaries located across the Hoosier State.*Dogs are always welcome at Metazoa. If you are a dog lover, now you can play cards with your furry friends. They are welcome in and outdoors.*Metazoa has a great selection of beers, however they do not have in house food or liquor. Food is welcome in the bar however, and there are many nearby choices that will gladly deliver.*Metazoa is minutes from the downtown circle, so if you are familiar with Indy or would like to explore in your down time, it’s right next to the venue.*Metazoa has great parking for it’s location and it’s free.HOW WILL THE EVENT WORK?!This year ol’ Qyburn is dredging up an old and beloved format in the Thrones community… The Trial of Three makes it’s triumphant return to organized play! Innovated by our good friends in the Seattle area from US Nationals 2017, the originators kindly gave me their blessing to celebrate my name day in style, with a team format that many have wished to do again, and even more have desired to try for the first time!WHAT’S THE FORMAT?!*In a Trial of Three, you will register for the event with 2 friends of your choosing. The three of you will enter the event as a team, and will be playing together as a team for the duration of the day.*Your teams of three will deckbuild normal decks together, the catch is you must all share the restrictions of building a deck for one person. Therefore… -Only 1 of each House Card and Agenda available across all 3 players. -All Plots with “Deck Limit: 1” can only be used by a single player per team. All other plots can be used/assigned to teammates with a limit of 2 copies. e.g. Only 1 player can run Valar Morghulis. Only 2 Forced March can be used, either one player may have 2 copies or two different teammates may each use 1 copy. -All non-plot cards have a restriction of 3 copies across all three players. e.g. One player could run 3 Gates of the Moon, or 1 player can run 2 and 1 can run 1, or each teammate may run a single copy. -The Crown of Gold is still “Deck Limit: 1”.*During rounds, teams will sit in groups of three adjacent to one another against their opponents team of 3. Seat numbers are determined by teams choice (but before seeing their opponent’s). All three games occur simultaneously. The unique strategy to a Trial of Three is you are able (and encouraged) to not only scout the games of your teammates, but to also give advice/counsel to each other. This requires teams to be very tactical about how they reveal plots or play certain cards. For example, if you flip an early reset, your opponent’s two teammates now have the open information that they don’t need to plan for that potential play against them. The coaching of one another is also an excellent tool that makes team building and play unique compared to other team formats like the “War” format. Hand information amongst all three teammates is open, however you cannot leave the tables to discuss strategy away from your opponents.*Each round, a team nets a full win if they win 2 of their 3 tables. A team that only gains a single win or no wins receives a full loss. However, if you are the final game of a round in which 2 wins have already been assigned to a team, keep playing! All the wins will be used as potential tie-breakers, as well as chances for more individual prizes.*Since this event takes place during the release cycle “break”, I anticipate the legal card pool being everything current through the entirety of the Dance with Shadows cycle and the Greyjoy box. We will follow the normal FFG Restricted List as well, with one minor possible modification that will be left up to attendee vote (see below).*As this event is announced I will include a poll. I will leave it up for a few weeks so people can debate and decide as a community if Free Folk should be legal or banned for the event. Due to it’s unique nature I could see the agenda skewing the balance of the format from a deck building standpoint. I think I would prefer people build their decks without it’s inclusion, but if the majority wants the option to have a Free Folk deck on each team I’ll leave that possibility open.GET TO THE SWAG!!The inaugural Qyburns event was legendary for it’s prize output, as well as the unique ways people could acquire them. I’ll do my best to uphold that reputation and even exceed the original.Prizes will be announced and rolled out as we approach the event, but you can for sure expect playsets of a new and exclusive alternate art Indy Thrones card, prize tickets for winning games as individuals and teams, and some quirky surprises, in addition to some great championship prizes. Last year our champion, Nate Tarantelli, conquered the horror to become the first champion, with his own likeness depicted on the alternate art Wildling Scout. This year the winning team of 3 will earn the honor of ALL being depicted on a future Indy Alt Art of their choice.This year we will be introducing for the first time, “Qyburn’s Wheel of Frights & Delights”. More details to follow. Do you have the guts to risk fantastics rewards or a terrible fate?REGISTRATION?!Registration will open soon and I will post links and details. Start forming your dominant trifectas now! The event will be $20 a person. Folks are encouraged to register as a team when forms become available and to come up with some sweet Team names. As one of three reigning Trial of Three champions as part of “Tom & the Thompsons”, I’ll be throwing down plenty of smack talk and team rivalries will make for a great competition. If you want to come and don’t have a full team yet, register anyway and I’ll make sure everyone has a great team to be on!Anyone who attended Qyburn’s last year will tell you not to miss this whether you like fan made swag, official swag, or just want to funnel all your prizes into drinking. It’s going to be a crazy great time. I look at this event as my appreciation spectacular to the community. It’s my most casual and party atmospheric event of the year. It made all the more sense to coincide with my birthday this year. The people who support midwest events in any way, especially those that drive week in and week out to go to all the events they can mean the world to me and nothing will make celebrating dying slowly another year as worthwhile then spending it with my Thrones family!https://www.facebook.com/events/272312610085137/


January 5, 2019 @ 5:00 PM
January 6, 2019 @ 3:00 AM
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Chris Thompson

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