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The Blackwater FAQ

by Michael Seto

The Blackwater FAQ

Unofficial FAQ for The Blackwater, the 5th chapter pack of the King’s Landing cycle.

Proof reading done by Collin Weir

Yoren TB
  • You cannot take control of a unique character if you already control a unique character by the same title.


Bound for the Wall
  • You are only eligible to choose a revealed character that isn’t a copy of a unique character in either player’s dead pile nor a copy of a unique character that’s already in play


Tyrion Lannister TB
  • You can only place cards you control in play into shadows. You cannot place cards from out of play areas into shadows. You cannot put your faction card or plot card into shadows. You can place your melee title into shadows, it will return to the melee title pool instead.
  • You must place another card other than the card that just came out of shadows which allowed you to trigger Tyrion’s ability. (Source)
  • If you place a card you control but do not own in shadows, it goes into your opponent’s shadows area.
  • If you place Varys DITD into shadows, he’ll have both Shadows (8) and Shadows (4). Varys’ text that reduces the cost to bring him out of shadows applies to both shadow costs.


Dagos Manwoody
  • If a plot in your used pile has multiple traits, you count all the different ones. (Ex: If you have At the Gates, Barring the Gates and Forced March in your used pile, you have a total of 5 different traits in your used pile.


Maester Kerwin
  • If 2 claim military is being applied on you, you can choose Maester Kerwin as one of your characters for military claim and then trigger his ability to save the other character you’ve chosen for claim. You will have fulfilled the 2 claim military while only Maester Kerwin has died.

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